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In-Person Tutoring

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Building up struggling readers through the Science of Reading by making reading...





We use an Orton-Gillingham-inspired approach rooted in the Science of Reading. Our multisensory, direct, explicit approach combined with a supportive and inclusive environment that helps students build confidence and celebrate their strengths makes the Riverbend Rebel tutoring experience undeniably unique. We have been helping students become successful readers for 13 years. 


  • 60-minute sessions

  • Take-home materials to practice and reinforce skills

  • Weekly follow-up videos reviewing each session

  • Fun, interactive website for kids to access and play games or watch vidoes or listen to stories.

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Each session is $60 per small group session
small group is typically 2-4 students depending on ability)

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Please click here to fill out the form to apply for a spot today. There are only 15 tutoring spots available. Please inquire about 1:1 availability.


Click here to read our tutoring policy

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Assessments are $125 and all students must have an assessment before being placed into the tutoring program.

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