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K listen. Learning to read is hard. Teaching reading...also hard. Keeping kids' attention in this godforsaken technology era where nothing can compete with their phones and HARD. So you have two options. Either get really good at teaching reading yourself or let me do it. I'm Miss Reba. I have ADHD and I own my own school. I have been a teacher for 14 year. I love every underdog kid I've ever met. School sucked for me so I became a teacher and opened my own school and reading academy. I'm here to carve out a slice of the internet and the real world to create a space for kids to come and learn in a way that honors who they are and keep their attention.

My virtual classes are fun and 45 minutes to an hour and happen once per week. Kids will get to engage with a real teacher who knows her stuff when it comes to reading. Soon, I will be launching a course for parents and teachers on how you can teach your kids to read using the Science of Reading and Structured Literacy and not make it boring. They are already bored or mad that they can't read. They're definitely really smart, but not being able to read is making them feel dumb and you have to do something about it! So join me from my classroom for 7 weeks where kids will build some background knowledge, build their phonological awareness, phonics knowledge, vocabulary and fluency! These are the building blocks that all readers needs. You will have access to our private Facebook Group where we will hold weekly draws for prizes for kiddos showing off their hard work as well as other information that will help you help your child on their reading journey. You will receive a printable workbook that your child can work in as well as digital options! This is a no-brainer. All videos will be recorded and available to you if you cannot make the class. These fill up quickly, so get your name on the waitlist today and you will be notified if you've been selected for the course.

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These are 7-week courses for any kiddo who is kicking off their reading journey in grade 1 or for older readers grades 2-4 or even older who just haven't mastered the foundations of reading and who are on the struggle bus! If your child is reading words sound by sound and can't blend them together, is being told to memorize words at school, and is being taught other harmful reading "strategies" then this course is for you. We will build background knowledge, learn how to manipulate sounds in words, learn beginning phonics foundations, and fluency, and have some serious fun! Learning to read is one of the things that will impact your child the MOST in their life. Not learning to read will also be one of the things that will impact them the most. Learning to read is not just a fundamental skill; it's a gateway to a world of endless possibilities. For children, mastering the art of reading is crucial for their academic, personal, and professional development. Reading opens doors to knowledge, imagination, and empathy, allowing young minds to explore new ideas, cultures, and perspectives. In today's fast-paced world, strong reading skills are essential for success in virtually every aspect of life. From understanding complex instructions in school assignments to navigating information in the digital age, literacy is the cornerstone of critical thinking and communication. Beyond academic pursuits, reading fosters creativity and imagination, sparking a lifelong love for learning. Through books, children can travel to distant lands, solve mysteries, and embark on epic adventures—all from the comfort of their own minds. Reading enhances language development, vocabulary expansion, and cognitive abilities, laying a solid foundation for future learning. The benefits of reading extend far beyond the classroom. Research shows that children who read regularly are more likely to develop strong social skills, empathy, and emotional intelligence. By immersing themselves into stories, young readers gain a deeper understanding of human experiences and emotions, fostering empathy and compassion. In today's digital age, where screens often compete for attention, cultivating a love for reading is more important than ever. By introducing children to the joys of reading early on and nurturing their literacy skills, we empower them to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate kids who are equipped to navigate an ever-changing world with confidence & curiosity! Let's go!

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