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Online membership is on hold! Stay tuned.


This where reading instruction for your kid comes to life! The membership will give you unlimited access to hours and hours of video lessons that feature direct, explicit reading instruction by me. Lessons are playful and engaging. I will coach you on what to use at home, when to move on and when to stay on a concept until a skill is mastered! We will move through essential skills using the Science of Reading and an  Orton-Gillingham scope & sequence. 

Students use a few simple tools at home and work at their own pace until the concepts really click. That's the beauty of the video membership, it's not like in school where they overwhelmed and lost and forced to move forward even though they aren't catching on. They really stay until they get it (mastery). They take breaks when they need to, not when a bell rings! This puts students in the driver's seat and allows parents and teachers to give their struggling reader control over their experience.

Teaching reading is hard, and it must be done properly. The membership is perfect for parents or teachers who just aren't sure where to begin or for those who just aren't making gains with their beginning or struggling reader. 

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